The No. 1 Airport Apparel MUST

finding the perfect airport outfit

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Do you have an autopilot airport outfit? If not, you NEED to get onboard with the concept!  

Every frequent flier I know AND follow has a travel-day uniform, yet it was initially Mr. Trip Stylerwho can pack and get out the door in 30 minuteswho inspired me to select my "getaway getup." Think: A neutral outfit comfortable enough for a 14-hour flight and classy enough for a last-minute upgrade.

Autopilot Outfit
WHO has time to figure out a new set of threads for every trip, especially seeing as airports and airplanes usually have similar temperature ranges, anyway?!? Plus, having a consistent wayfaring wardrobe shaves a ton of time off the packing process, and is one LESS thing to think about as you're rushing to the airport. With so many variables at play on a travel day, it's the one thing you can put on "autopilot." 

The Swap
Because every trip style is differentie: urban, sun, adventure, spaMr. Trip Styler and I always wear a similar base {see photos below}, and swap our jackets, shoes or sweaters depending on the season or destination. For example, we both wore our warm coats to Sweden, instead of the jackets shown below, to save space in our bags.

What We Wear to the Airport

Women's airport outfit
airport outfit inspo

For most trips I beeline for black or blue jeans and a white T as my travel uni base. Depending on the trip's "fancy-factor," whether the little stylers are in tow, or my immediate plans when I arrive, I'll add jewelry. I never leave home without a scarf, and often pack a small sweater depending on where I'm headed. For shoes, it's always booties as for their easy-on, easy-off design. Socks are a must, too, so my bare feet don't touch the ground at security. On top, it's usually my leather jacket, which goes with everything in my suitcase.

men's airport outfit
man + what to wear to the airport

Mr. Trip Styler also likes jeans as his base. On his feet he goes with a smart pair of lace-up booties, making sure he wears his biggest shoes to create more suitcase space. On top, he dons a white V-neck T, a button-up shirt, and a cashmere sweater, which he can add or subtract depending on the climate. For outerwear, his favored coat is his trench because it doesn't wrinkle and has lots of pockets to stuff airline tickets.

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[photos by @tripstyler]