Introducing: Pink Styler

Pink Styler

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Late last month a cute recruit was added to the Trip Styler crew: PINK STYLER! Joining Trip Styler, Mr. Trip Styler, Baby Styler {now "Blue Styler" since there's a new babe in town} and Dog Styler; at three weeks old, Pink Styler is newest member of the TS troop. 

Two Trip Stylers Under Two
With this, you may have noticed there has been less activity on Trip Styler as I transition to trip styling with two children under two! {Props to Mr. Trip Styler's first class dad skills AND A+ grandparents.} Rest assured, along with Mr. Trip Styler, we'll figure out life on the ground and in the air with deux tots. 

Turbulence Out of the Gate
While I don't share too many details about my life at home, the past few weeks have been a tad turbulent with Blue Styler AND Dog Styler both falling ill {unrelated ailments} causing mom and baby to hightail it to the hills in an attempt not to catch the multiday virus. Oy. Life; its highs and lows happen both at home and on the road.

First Trip
As for where we'll take our first trip, I'm not yet certain, though in the short-term I'm dreaming of a close-to-home cabin by the sea to capture the last rays of summer. Fast forward to fall: Thinking Santa Barbara would be an ideal locale to test out travel as a foursome.

Why California, aside from its sure-thing vacation status? It's two-hour flight from Vancouver, in the same time zonean important consideration {for us} as Pink Styler establishes her nighttime sleep patternsand a natural beauty bordered by beaches and wineries. Come wintertime, we have our sights set on the tropics {Aloha, Hawaii Island + Hola, Mexico}.

What's Next for TS
Stay tuned for a host of fabulous hotel and destination deets flying your way in the coming weeks. And to answer the obvious question of "Will TS add more family content?", the answer is: Likely. However, as always, my suggestions and stories will remain true to TS roots as a travel lifeSTYLE publication for jetsetters of all ages. {Case in point: Our first jaunt with Blue Styler took us to the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs, and our last trip prior to Pink Styler's arrival saw us exploring Stockholm's Scandi-cool cafes}. 

Beyond TS, after a short maternity leave I will continue to collaborate with industry-leading travel partnersthink: Expedia, Air Transat and Luxury Retreatsthat graciously allow me to wander throughout the world in style, and with my growing crew.

[photo by @tripstyler]