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Jetset Style :: Kimonos

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This post is written by Trip Styler's Assistant Wayfarer/Editor Heather.

A nouveau boho movement is sweeping the planet faster than you can say flower crown. Less Coachella and more style staple, the kimono is the perfect packable piece for anytime, anywhere travel. 

I wear my kimonos at the beach as a cover-up, with an all-black ensemble of skinny jeans and tank top, over denim cut-offs paired with a wide-brimmed hat {see our favorites here}, or even at the office belted over a slim maxi dress.

Whether you're into cheap and cheerful, fringed and flowing, short and simple, or long and loud, there's a kimono for you at a price you can handle.

Men: Feeling left out? Look for a shirt with a kimono print this Spring.

Trip Styler Tip: Board shops are a great place to begin looking for inexpensive printed kimonos for the beach.

Where to buy: #1 / #2 / #3 / #4

Where to buy: #1 / #2 / #3 / #4

Where to buy: #1 / #2 / #3 / #4

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Fash-Packing :: The Sarong

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Trip Styler Beach Tip :: Don't forget to pack a sarong!

Sarongs; the beach vacation staple that comes in and out of fashion, most recently peaking in the '90s {<---David Beckam in a sarong} and early '00s. At the time, I had about 10. After years of closet cleanouts, two remain.

Long forgotten in the shadow of resort wear cover-ups, the sarong sailed away to fashion oblivion while every designer {and their dog} came out with vacation collections, spotlighting the cover-up as the star attraction.

lava lava beach club beach wraps

However, I was just gifted with a wrap at the Lava Lava Beach Club  {all guests get their own personal sarongs to keep} during my recent trip to Hawaii, and I reconnected with the sarong side of life! Sure, I brought a pirate's bounty of fancy cover-ups---the kind that are so nice I'd only wear them BEFORE {not after} slathering my skin with sunscreen---however, Hawaii's beach-is-life culture called for a more casual get-up: flip flops, a bathing suit and a sarong (worn in a gazillion configurations, of course; see below). From sunrise to starlight, it was all I needed.

ways to wear a sarong

The sarong is to beach life what the pashmina is to travel: a must. Best part of all is it's easily washable and dries in less than 30 mins.

In case you're out of sarong practice---I know I was---they can be used as a: - dress or skirt - bathing suit cover-up - makeshift beach towel - scarf if the wind picks up

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