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Healthy On The Road :: Jari Love's Beach Body Tips

summer slimdown tips with jari love[trip style = any] {Editor's Note: Leah, our Healthy On The Road warrior, is on vacay right now, so I'm excited to give the floor over to Jari Love, a world-renowned personal fitness trainer.}

Recently I was in the Canadian Rockies on a fitness trip---literally, each day was packed tighter than Sly Stallone's biceps with activities like barre fitness, TRX and cross-country skiing---and one of my prime moments was meeting and working out with Jari Love. Jari has a six-pack that verges on eight-pack territory. Her arms are perfectly chiselled like a Roman statue. Most importantly, she's really lovely with finesse, smarts, passion and a physique that screams "workout wonderwoman." Oprah Magazine listed her Get RIPPED! workout as one of her favorite things; um, amazing.

Just after she whipped me into shape, I asked her to share a few hard truth tips for getting closer to achieving a shipshape bod. Knowing summer is coming, I wanted to share the Jari Love around:

When people ask me about diet, I always recommend the same principles that I follow: 1/ Stick to three meals and two snacks per day. The meals are around 300 calories and the snacks are between 200-250.

2/ When preparing my meals and snacks, I opt for fruits and starches that are low-glycemic, and lean proteins.

3/ When it comes to protein, I recommend things like lean meats, egg whites, fish and whey protein powder.

4/ For fruit, one cup of raspberries is a great option because that gives you eight grams of fibre right there.

5/ I try to get my fibre intake up to 35 grams per day because it helps me feel full and satiated. Another great way to get some extra fibre is adding psyllium husk and ground flaxseed to your cereal or protein shake.

6/ Finally, I always load up my plate with fresh veggies and try to limit my carb intake after 5pm.

On Bathing Suit Motivators... 1/ Put your bathing suit in an area where you will see it all the time. I recommend writing down your goals and also getting a workout buddy who will help you stay motivated.

2/ Take a photo of yourself now and set dates to take photos of your progress. Being emotionally attached to your goals is key.

3/ Think about how you felt at a time that you were at your goal weight and post a picture of yourself at that time beside a current shot of yourself. Seeing this every day will really help you stay the course.

4/ Choosing a diet and exercise regime that you enjoy is critical. If you like it, you’ll follow it!

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