packing tips for an overnight trip

Overnight {Without The Baggage}

[trip style = quick weekend getaway]

Baggage weighs us down {in more ways than one}.

Lately I've been doing a lot of overnight-cations, a travel dance {of sorts} where two days tango with one night. Last week alone, I took two separate overnight getaways with only the clothes on my back. In other words, I didn't pack {except for any toiletries and undergarments that could fit in my purse or pocket}. In lieu of a multi-option travel wardrobe, I layered, downsizing my overnight duffel for a my purse.

Trip Styler Tip: maximize your trip style = weekend getaway {and your dollars} leaving early Saturday morning and returning later on Sunday night. Cutting out a hotel on Friday night means you just saved $150+.

I realize the no-pack overnight-cation sounds crazy. First we told you how to pack 50+ items in one carry-on, and now this? The self-imposed 'efficiency' challenge sounded a little nutso to me too, but once I tried it on for size, I realized it wasn't a challenge at all. Layering right meant I could go from day-to-night without the fuss of packing or lugging a bag!

In part, I drew inspiration from my artsy Grandma {aka, "Gram"} who used to pick outfits in two-day blocks. Once I asked her why she wore the same thing two days in a row, to which she responded "if I'm going to take the time to craft a great outfit, why wouldn't I wear it twice?" Sound advice from a well-traveled woman.

Making It Work :: Overnighting Sans Baggage:
1/ Choose your trip style, check the weather, and plan your outfit accordingly.
2/ Pick shoes and bottoms {pants, a skirt or a dress} that can go from day-to-night with ease.
3/ Layer your top half to 'reveal' a whole new look at night.
4/ Think of your clothes as the canvas and your accessories as the color.
5/ Want to bring a bathing suit too? No worries, throw it in your purse with some flip flops.

*When I was away, the weather hovered between a breezy 15 - 22 Celsius, so I chose a midi skirt and cashmere-blend sweater for day, accented by a scarf to combat the early morning and late night chill. In the eve, I ditched my sweater for a tank top, adding a belt and a necklace to switch the look.

Trip Styler Tip :: Believe it or not, as we move into fall, the no-packing weekend becomes MORE and MORE possible with the layering-potential cool weather affords.

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