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The most dreaded question any parent hears when they embark on a road trip is “are we there yet?” No one knows how to work this phrase like a toddler, but older kids like to pull it out as well. There are lots of ways to avoid it, but you need to get on your parental A-game and be prepared! This doesn't mean packing the entire playroom, get creative about what you CAN do with kids while they are strapped in a moving vehicle for a few hours. And remember, road trips are some of the fondest travel memories for kids, so here are few ways to ensure the open road is fun for you and your jr. road trippers!

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Game Plan Stay realistic. No kid {or adult for that matter} wants to sit in the car for 10 hours a day. Road trips are meant to be fun. Break up your trip into small, doable chunks that everyone can handle.

Take Breaks! Whether they are just to use the restroom, fill up the tank or load up on snacks, make sure you let those little legs stretch a few minutes every few hours so you don’t have mini 'road rage' meltdowns.

Grab Some Grub Stop at a local restaurant along the way or pack a picnic. Pull over at a rest stop or research a local park off the highway. You can sit back and eat while the kids enjoy some much-needed playtime.

Activities, Activities, Activities Test out a few activities on short rides to the market or at local attractions before you head out on your BIG trip. This way you aren’t packing a carload full of things that your kids hate. Need a few ideas? Here you go:

After that, just pray everyone takes a little nap in the car, so you can rest for round two. As a last resort have your tablet or smart phone handy for little fingers to play a few educational games or watch a movie.

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