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Healthy On The Road :: Eat Color!

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When she’s not training clients or being trained by her dog Zuzu, Leah writes Healthy On The Road, published the first Wednesday of every month.

“Eat your fruits and vegetables” is something we heard a lot as kids, and for good reason, it's a tried and true recommendation for a healthy diet. In fact, there are many who believe it is THE most important ingredient of a healthy lifestyle. Albert Einstein once said "Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."

Since childhood, I’m pretty confident most of us have evolved to actually enjoy a variety of fruit and veggies, but the reality still remains, most of us don’t eat enough---especially when on the road! When we travel we tend to gravitate towards the more convenient and “safe” options: granola bars, bread, cheese, bread, cookies and bread. I really like bread.

So, how much color is enough? Most people should aim for at least nine servings (4½ cups) of vegetables and fruits a day. If you're not reaching this amount, boost your intake: strive to “color” every meal and snack. My personal rule is to try and cover at least ½ of my plate with veggies and/or fruit.

Trip Styler editor Trish’s rule for ensuring she stays healthy on the road is to make sure she avoids beige and eats a kaleidoscope of color! This is a great rule to keep in mind all the time (both for food and fashion!), whether you’re traveling or not. She also shared with me another super practical strategy she uses when she feels a beige meal/splurge is unavoidable (or welcomed!): focus on coloring two of your daily meals (e.g. a breakfast full of fruit, or a lunch full of veggies) leaving the third meal 'free.'

If I can impart one HORT takeaway this month, it's to think in rainbow hues at meal time. And remember: a colorful diet will give you the energy boost and nutritional basics you need to have an extra-fabulous trip!

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[photo by @tripstyler, shot at Granville Market in Vancouver]