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That Travel Meal :: Chèvre-Prosciutto-Pear-Arugula Pizza


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Editor's Note: In the spirit of squeezing the last bit of sun out of summer, we are taking a 10-day August break to dip into the Oregon Coast's beaches and Western Canada's lake life, as well as finish a few jetset projects we're launching in September. Catch us on Instagram for regular Trip Styling updates. 

I taste a bounty of out-of-this-world food and drinks while I'm traveling and attending food festivals around the globea palatable perk-of-the-job my stomach and I never take for granted.

When a dish sends my taste buds into Flash Dance territory, I make an effort to get the recipe or attempt to recreate it at home because replaying a culinary gem is one of the bestif not THE besttravel souvenirs in the world. {And, it doesn't take up any space in your suitcase!}

I've been toying with a "that travel meal" series since I started trip styling, and a few nights ago I was re-inspired when I made a pizza {for the 50th time!} that Mr. Trip Styler and I first tasted at Morris East Restaurant and Wine Bar in Halifax four years ago.

As a favorite of ours and every guest who samples its sweet and salty goodness, here's our rendition of the Morris East's summer pizza {that effortlessly slots into any season with a few modifications to the ingredient list}.    

Chèvre-Prosciutto-Pear-Arugula Pizza {serves 4}
- *Pizza dough {I like this make-ahead, no-knead recipe from Bon Appetit}
- 298 grams of soft goat cheese, aka, "chèvre"
- 100 grams of prosciutto
- 1 large pear, sliced {substitute peach, nectarine or apple depending on what's in-season}
- 2 cups arugula
- 1/3 cup balsamic {for a reduction}

*Note: Bon Appetit pizza dough recipe yields 5-6, 10" thin-crust pizza shells. What you don't use you can refrigerate or freeze for another night. Also, when mixing the dough, you may need a touch more water than the recipe calls for. 

Follow instructions for Bon Appetit's no-knead pizza dough. Once pizza is rolled onto a floured surface and transferred to a cornmeal-topped pan, spread goat cheese across two large or four small pizzas {depending on the size of your trays and oven}. Layer thin slices of prosciutto and pear on top. Bake at 500 degrees F for 5 minutes, the broil for 2 minutes {until top is blistered and bottom is crispy}, and at the same time reduce balsamic on med-low heat for 15 minutes. Remove pizza from the oven. Let cool for a few minutes. Top with arugula and drizzle with balsamic reduction. Slice, serve and enjoy Halifax' culinary cool. 

Trip Styler Tip: turn baking sheets upside down to avoid wrestling with the pan's lip when transferring the pizza to the cutting board.  


[photos via @tripstyler]