Merry Christmas

Today I'm thankful...- that i can dream - that i have hope - that i can let my mind go wild thinking about travel - that i can write about what I love

As I reflect on how lucky we are to even dream of visiting other lands, let us not lose sight of the many blessings we each have. And not just 'remember' those without hope, but take action--whether doing something grass-roots locally, nationally or internationally.

Having had the opportunity of doing development work opened my eyes to the world's need---beyond what we see and don't see in the news. Poverty became more than just a word and a problem; it became a name, a person, a life.

See for yourself.  This next year, why not consider using some vacation towards a cross-cultural humanitarian adventure building houses with Habitat or doing relief work with Red Cross. I plan on it too, and look forward to adopting a village through FH Canada.