Relax in an Airline Club without a Business-Class Ticket

Thai Airlines First Class Lounge HKG[trip style = lux]

When travelling, there is nothing better than escaping the airport crowds and waiting for your flight in the peace and quiet of your Airline's Lounge. Yes, I would like a glass of Pinot Gris please; yes, I would like a mini chocolate mousse pick-me-up; oh and yes, I would like to watch TV and surf the internet from my plush chair. All this makes me want to get the airport well before my flight.

Are you delayed or have a long layover but lack a business or first-class ticket or status with your said airline? Most airline clubs offer a day pass for $30-$50 giving you a great place to relax in comfort and style.

Airline Clubs Allowing Day Access Air Canada - $30-$45 with same-day ticket and purchase of permissible fare class Alaska - $30 American Airlines - $50 Continental Airlines - $45 or 10-pack for $350 Delta Airlines -  $50 with same-day Delta or it's Connectors' Tickets Northwest Airlines - $55 or $85 for 60-day trial. United Airlines - $50 US Airways - $40 Find the Complete Chart here.

More tomorrow on What Travel Credit Cards allow Airline Lounge Access...