Travel TV :: Departures

[Trip Style = Adventure] In this 'episode' of Travel TV, we're excited about featuring Departures -a personal favourite!  What started as two Canadian guys leaving their daily lives to travel, has turned into an authentic, visually mesmerizing and fascinating travel show aired in 40 countries worldwide.

I first discovered this show last year when I was sick in bed for five days straight.  Since the only thing I could do was muster-up energy to open my eyes and watch TV, I naturally gravitated to this interesting and funny-without-meaning-to-be travel show.  Since then, I can't get enough of it and look forward to the third season launching in March 2010.

Whether hang gliding over Rio's city-scape or traversing Mongolia's barren landscapes via vintage Soviet van in search of a Nomadic Raindeer Tribe, Scott and Justin's friendship, personalities and banter add extra laughs to an already entertaining show.

Anyone whose Trip Style = Adventure and has a penchant for seeking new and remote destinations will appreciate Scott and Justin's travel style.  Seeking to step into well traveled and remote locales, the guys don't just blitz a place to 'say they did,' rather they spend time with locals to learn their customs and embrace their culture.

In their words "it's as much about the journey as it is the destination."

In Canada, check for info on air dates and to view episodes online.  For additional information: Departures Facebook Group | Departures Website | Departures YouTube Channel