5 DIY Halloween Costumes for Jetsetters

5 diy halloween costumesMove over circa 2009 Kate Gosselin halloween wig, there's a new costume fad for 2010! Thanks to Steven Slater (the JetBlue flight attendant who grabbed two beers and jumped shipplane by deploying the emergency slide), travel-themed Halloween costumes are where it's at in 2010. Without further ado, this week's travel trend thursday is devoted to DIY travel-inspired Halloween costumes.

Jetsetting DIY Costume Ideas 1. Pilot doorman to the skiesI know Matt Damon's recurring role as Carol the pilot on 30 Rock inspired you to be a "doorman to the skies" for Halloween. To create this costume you'll need: - a blue or black suit (preferably double breasted) - a pilot's hat - aviator sunglasses - a stick-on mustache - a pin with wings - safety pins and gold ribbon to affix around bottom of sleeves, shoulders and hat - carry-on suitcase with briefcase attached

2. Flight Attendant There are two types of flight attendant directions you could go with this costume: 50s/60s glam or boring modern-day---unless you work for Singapore Airlines. The modern day FA is pretty easy to pull off, here's how: - basic pant or skirt suit - blouse or dress shirt for men - scarf tied around neck, or tie for men - high heeled shoes with a sturdy heel - carry-on suitcase Bonus: matching hat for ladies, or two beers for men (if you choose to go the Steven Slater route). By the way, have you seen Jimmy Fallon's hilarious song about the incident?

3. Roaming Gnome Travelocity's roaming gnome really gets around with only a few quick stops you'll be able to impersonate him with relative ease. What you'll need for this costume: - a blue robe that sits just below the knee - black boots - black belt (wear high waisted) - white long beard with mustache (cut some off to make bushy eyebrows) - tall, pointy red hat

4. Tacky Tourist Although the tacky tourist costume can be overdone, I suggest you under-do it and make people wonder if you're actually serious or not. If you want to overdo it, here's how: - knee socks - birkenstocks or flip flops - khaki shorts - aloha shirt - massive camera hanging from your neck - sunglasses - grass hat Bonus: find a fanny pack and florescent face zinc

5. Suitcase We bring a suitcase with us every time we travel, but we never think to dress up as one for Halloween. Why not honour our trusty travel companion by going as a boxy carrier on wheels? What you'll need for this costume: - an old suitcase from a second-hand store (cut out the bottom and create arm and head holes) - black leggings - a bunch of ribbons and doodads to attach to every extremity Bonus: find 'fragile' or 'heavy load' stickers to place on the bag, have few undergarments sticking out of the bag and wear roller-skates/blades as the suitcases wheels.

PS - In a move that would later dictate an actual trip style, this post's above picture is of my husband and I dressed up as tacky, safari tourists (see more about our African safari on Friday). We whipped up the costume at 5pm Oct 31st and thanks to some gear my husband had lying around, we later donned our overly khaki attire at 7pm. Photoshop-happy sister was just a bonus.

[photo credits: heatherlovesit, NBC]