Beer 'n Boats in Halifax

halifax travel[trip style = urban + sightseeing] {more pics below}

Book Smart We got in late, and had to leave early.  This left one full day to tour the seaside city known for its higher learning and history.  In almost every location we ate or rested, we overheard intellectual conversations debating politics and religion. Yes, t'was a city influenced by academia with Dalhousie sitting right in the middle of town.

Street Smart There was also a street smart side to Halifax: a Michael Jackson-esque street performer dancing to Billy Jean, a busker who pretended to play his guitar for cash and three young girls (under 10) vigorously and harmoniously playing their fiddles to entertain those boat-gazing along the pier.  As we hip-hopped to historical locations throughout the city, learning more about its roots, its sub-culture and its importance in Canadian History, we encountered a city which is just as much book smart as it is street smart.  This is Halifax.

A Day in the Life of Halifax janes on the common halifax breakfast {Started the day at a restaurant we'd read about in multiple publications and iphone apps. The verdict? Best breakfast ever at Jane's on the Common. I don't normally even order pancakes, but the ricotta banana pancakes were to die for.}

rhubarb cordial {Rhubarb cordial at Jane's. Such a simple drink--just crushed rhubard with soda--but so fabulous with brunch.}

halifax public gardens {Taking a stroll through the Halifax Public Gardens est. in 1867, the year of confederation. Love the gates.}

public gardens in halifax pictures {The tradition of putting a bandstand in gardens is a lost art. Apparently, a band plays here every Sunday afternoon in the summer.}

halifax citadel {A lesson in Canadian history at the Citadel, originally a strategic British outpost prior to Canada's Confederation. Everyone at Fort George is dressed in period costume and takes onlookers through a day-in-the-life at the Citadel whose star-like configuration took 28 years to build completing in 1856.}

alex keith's brewery in halifax {We couldn't very well leave Halifax without tasting and touring Alexander Keith's brewery.  Given Keith is the father of Canadian beer, we felt we had to take the tour, proper thing. Between the history lesson, beer manifesto and two steins poured at the end of the tour, surprisingly, it ended up being well worth it .}

beer tasting at alexander keiths {Finishing the tour with a swig of the ol' India Pale Ale.}

morris east halifax {Passing this restaurant earlier in the day, we thought we'd return for dinner.}

eating dinner in halifax {Known for its pizzas and cocktails, Morris East was close to our hotel and felt like our kind of restaurant. It did not disappoint.  Our thin crust pizza had a goat cheese base topped with thinly sliced peaches and prosciutto. I was so taken by it, I recreated it this weekend.}