Euro Month :: Venezia

venice in the fall = magic[trip style = sightseeing]

In Venice, there's a certain magic in the air; perhaps it's the pea soup-thick morning mist, the male model-like taxi boat drivers, the mystique of a city on stilts, or the serenity of water surrounding you on every side. What this tourist mecca lacks due its wall-to-wall crowds, it gains in romantic waterways, singing gondoliers and Louis Vuitton-clad gelato servers.

Getting There overnight train from Paris {We arrived in Venice via overnight train from Paris. This is my husband about to eat the breakfast they brought us on the train: packaged croissants, decent cappuccinos and orange juice. I was impressed by the coffees, and needed the caffeine boost given I didn't sleep so well on the rocking train.}

molino stuccy roof-top pool {After leaving the train, we took the public bus-like boat to our home away from home. Public transport boats are cheap and efficient. Although the gorgeous wood-paneled taxi boats with strapping lads/captains were alluring, the price was not: 75-100 euros one way. After a 15 min ride, we arrived at the Hilton Molino Stucky and were excited to have nice, newly renovated room (see my Trip Advisor review here). The best feature: the views from the rooftop pool!}

Eating There italian essentials {We heard the food in Venice was expensive and less flavourful than other parts of Italy--and it was--so we found a grocery store near our hotel to purchase a few essentials: prosecco, red wine in a box, white wine in a plastic bottle, water, cashews, cheese, crackers, choco cookies and strawberry-flavoured gummies.

quick coffee in venice {The Italian version of to-go coffee, drinking it at the bar.}

ink sauce {Indulging in a local specialty, squid in ink sauce. My husband said it tasted like tomato sauce, but I did not verify that claim because I couldn't bring myself to sample this charcoal-coloured local dish.}

harry's bar {This gorgeous hole in the wall, just off St. Mark's Square is rather famous. Harry's Bar is not only known for its bellinis, it's credited with INVENTING them, so, of course, we indulged, 30 euros later... Harry's is a must-see. This high-end bar and eatery is attended to by servers in white coats, the decor has a classy simple feel and the food is rumored to be very good--even for Venice. According to this month's InStyle, Vera Wang could eat a bowl of their spaghetti Bolognese every day.}

dinner beside venetian canal {Dining al fresco at a quiet restaurant beside an out of the way canal. As if the atmosphere wasn't already romantic enough, the sweet sounds of singing gondliers passing in the night always came at the right moment.}

Glamour Shots canal in venice

parked gondolas

restaurant nook in venice

dogge's palace

venice post box


grand canal


venice canal

City Life a garage in venice {A Venetian garage}

drying laundry in venice {Drying laundry, Venice style}

garbage truck in venice {Garbage truck boat}

venetian ambulance {Ambulance}

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