From Travel to Holiday Home

trave to holiday home[trip style = holiday home]

Have you ever fallen in love with a destination to the point where you'd consider buying a vacation home? I have [more on that in another post] and one of my favourite shows on this topic is House Hunters International.

House Hunters International Each episode showcases home buyers traveling the world in search of a new home. In most cases, the real estate enthusiasts have been swept away by a specific destination, and when they return to buy a property, cameras follow their home search abroad. What I love about the show is seeing what a specific budget can get you in different destinations, learning what legalities may be involved in the purchase, seeing the interiors of houses worldwide and my favourite part is when the home buyers are showcased living in their home 1-6 months following their purchase (I LOVE to see how they decorate).

Video House Hunters Inernational Video profiling an American Family purchasing a vacation home in Roatan, Honduras.

By the Way

  • Here's a link to a bunch of House Hunters International videos on Youtube
  • A recent tweet told me that the show is currently doing a casting call for people looking for a house abroad.

[photo by Robert Thomson]