Go-To Carry-On Toiletries

go-to carry-on toiletries In carry-on luggage, space is at a minimum. And really, who wants to take up valuable luggage 'real estate' with large deodorants, big toothbrushes or bulky creams for 'this' and 'that.'

To maximize clothing and shoe space, here are the go-to mini toiletries I keep on-hand for every trip near and far:

Ladies - fold-able toothbrush & mini toothpaste - mini deodorant - mini perfume - face wash wipes (these don't count as 'liquid') - general wipes (for sanitizing when you're out & about) - pre-packaged nail polish wipes (just in case) - mini face cream for night - mini sunscreen/day cream or sunscreen wipes (i like dermalogica wipes) - mini hairspray - mini brush - mini comb - razor (forget shaving cream) - tweezers - make-up [cover up, powder, blush, mascara, eye shadow, liner, lip stick] - vaseline (a go-to eye make-up remover, eye brightener/cream, lip gloss, moisturizer) *remember to put all liquids, including mascara, into a zip lock and take it out of your bag before it goes into the security scanner.

Men - foldable toothbrush & accompanying toothpaste - mini deodorant - mini cologne - face wash (although, you'll prob just user water or the hotel soap) - mini face cream for night (yes men, you should be using this) - mini sunscreen/day cream - mini hair styling cream - mini comb - razor - tweezers

[photo my own]