Healthy on the Road :: DIY Airplane Snacks

healthy DIY plane snacksConsuming healthy snacks between meals is a fantastic way to control blood sugar, hunger, overall energy and mood, and as an added bonus – it’s super helpful in maintaining a healthy body weight.

Packing some healthy snacks for air travel might be the last thing on your mind when frantically preparing for a trip, but just think how thankful you’ll be when you discover there’s no in-flight meal, your plane is delayed, the only in-flight or airport options are mostly over-priced junk food, or the meal served looks slightly suspicious!

I used to hesitate to throw snacks into my carry-on bag for fear of an interrogation (I don’t like scenes...I would prefer to starve than be the object of conflict), but the reality is, you are actually allowed to bring more food on board than you might realize. So, here’s a little help in packing some flight and security-friendly snacks to keep you going on your next trip (or at least help prevent you from begging flight attendants for more bags of salty nuts and crackers!)

{*Note, if you're flying internationally you can bring any of the snacks listed below, however, items like fruits, veggies, nuts and dairy, must be consumed in-flight. If you're flying to the US, it is best to stick with crackers, granola bars or protein, and avoid fruits, veggies and nuts.)

DIY Healthy Airplane Snacks Pack it or wrap it Remember, all food must go through the X-ray machine, so food must be wrapped or in a container. Unpeeled natural foods like fruit are okay, but half-eaten fruits must be wrapped.

Think sticks Apple, carrot, cheese, celery, zucchini = no mess, super healthy, and easy to pack into Ziplocs or little containers.

Don’t forget some carbs Crackers, mini pitas or bagel chips will keep you feeling full longer when paired with some yummy toppings.

Condiments Think peanut butter, cream cheese make those sticks and crackers more satisfying and filling! Provided you follow the 3 ounce rule, you can pack individual-sized containers into your clear plastic Ziploc, alongside your travel-size toiletries.

Protein Individual-sized cans of tuna, salmon or sardines are excellent way to turn that cracker or pita into a little meal.

Nuts A handful of unsalted nuts and a piece of fruit make a perfect snack.

Granola bars ...Are easy to pack, but beware of high sugar bars that will do no more than temporarily spike your blood sugar. I love Lara Bars.

Eggs Hard-boiled eggs actually travel extremely well and can last hours as long as they stay cool.

Satisfy your cravings For savoury, pack some pretzels. For sweet, pack some good quality dark chocolate squares.

{When she’s not training clients or being trained by her dog Zuzu, Leah writes Healthy on the Road posts, published on the first Thursday of every month.}