mancation for father's day[trip style = adventure]

In honour of Father's Day this Sunday, I'm dedicating this post to men. And since this is a travel blog, let's talk about mancations, one of the fastest-growing segments in the luxury travel market, according to the CNBC video referenced below. There's even a facebook group devoted to it. Sadly, only 12 people "like" this.

Definition Mancation: When 3+ guys who've know each other for years take a trip involving beer, steak dinners, hiking & biking, several rounds of golf and never reading a map or asking for directions [pulled together by a mish-mash of the cleanest mancation entries into the urban dictionary].

The Prep

  • find a like-minded group of guys who understand the gentlemen of leisure [GOL] concept
  • go for an activity that's drenched in masculinity like skiing/boarding, bbq'ing, golfing, surfing, kite-boarding or fishing
  • take the mancation to the next level by
    • indulging in beer, pretzels and lederhosen at Oktoberfest in Germany
    • visiting the Ferrari factory and test driving Enzo's latest in Maranello, Italy
    • taking in sporting events like UFC, World Cup, Stanley Cup, NBA playoffs or Superbowl
    • traversing the serengeti in a Land Rover on safari in Africa
    • dude ranch-ing [enough said]
    • manning-up at a guy-centric spa like Scandinave (featuring a Scandinavian bathing ritual)
  • choose a manly trip style that will foster "a bonding experience," which according to is "the nature of a mancation"

Mancation Resources

  • yep, there's an entire site dedicated to man-tripping and there are even articles about man-friendly B+Bs
  • get inspired by movies like: city slickers, sideways, a river runs through it and ironman 2 (your lady will love the river runs through it idea...)


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[photo by mil8]