Sand Dunes & Firsts in PEI

sand dunes peilobster traps peidune path pei[trip style = sightseeing + beach] {more pics below}

PEI was the last stop on my get to know Canada better trip. For all you Regis & Kelly fans, no, I didn't plan on being there at the same time, but the timing worked out well and it was impressive to see Canada get so much coverage on the program!  The Gentle Island was a gracious host to the show and its fanatics, and the local buzz was laced with pride----and why not---PEI has a lot to be proud of!  From kitschy tourist attractions like Santa's Woods and natural wonders like sand dunes rolling into the horizon, Canada's smallest Province is the perfect location for a family getaway!  Ironically, I experienced a lot of firsts on my last Eastern Canada stop before returning to the West.

Firsts in PEI

  • saw and gently treaded on sand dunes like you'd see in The Hamptons imagery. Gorgeous!
  • wanted to take a picture of every lighthouse (and that's a lot).
  • tried scallops and mussels (was scared of their slimy-ish consistency before, but I've been converted)
  • hung out at a red-sand beach
  • drank wine out of a fish-shaped bottle
  • saw farmers' fields that trickled into the ocean
  • travelled over a 12.9 km bridge

Returning As I bid PEI adieu from the Confederation Bridge, I vowed I would return to eat at more of the seaside restaurants, bike the confederation trail, spend lazy days at one of the many white- or red-sand beaches and maybe get around to visiting the Anne of Green Gables site.  Next time...

PEI Highlights lighthouse at pei ferry terminal {The first vista we saw when our ferry from Nova Scotia was docking. Exactly what I'd expected!}

rossignol winery in pei {First stop: PEI's only winery: Rossignol, to taste their varietals and buy a fish-shaped bottle of Isle St Jean White.}

charlottetown harbour {Charlettetown's harbour area at sundown.}

parking lot on a beach {Second day we spent road-trippin' and discovered a parking lot on a beach in North Rustico.}

kayaks and sand pei {This gorgeous setting was right in front of our car as we pulled onto the beach.}

pei town with beach parking {North Rustico gift shop.}

town in pei {More of the town.}

red sand cliffs pei {Road trip stop # 2: Red sand cliffs on the East Coast.}

pei red-sand cliff {Artsy shot.}

us on a cliff in pei {Us.}

sand dunes in pei {Road trip stop # 3: dunes near Cavendish.}

beach + dunes near cavendish {Front side of the dunes.}

walkway at cavendish beach park {More of Cavendish Beach Park.}

pei driving vista {Road trip stop # 4: you know, just another trypical road-side view.}

lighthouse beach pei {The money shot: most GORGEOUS lighthouse setting I've EVER seen.}

fishing town near lighthouse {Fishing town near the lighthouse.}

lobster traps {Lobster Traps.}

lemonade in pei {Enjoying a refreshing lemonade in Victoria by the Sea before crossing into New Brunswick to fly home. Set in the town's old grocery store/post office, don't let the Landmark Cafe's quaint appearance fool you, the food is to die for.}

confederation bridge {The Confederation Bridge--built with a slight curve so drivers are more likely to pay attention and less likely to have accidents.}

[photos by @tripstyler]