The Travel Sweet Spot

the late-fall travel sweet spot[trip style = sun]

Amid moving this week, I am drooling over November and early December's sunny getaways. I suppose I want what I can't have. Moving = no big travel. But, for those of you who can get away to far-off lands, the prices and options are FAH-BU-LOUS, and a bunch of my friends and family are taking advantage traveling to Bahamas, Mexico, Arizona, California, Hawaii and New York!

The Sweet Spot Travel between November 15th - December 15th, and the first week of January are what I call the travel sweet spot. Pre-and-post Christmas rush means travelers get: a) a great deal, b) more choice {where to go and resorts}, c) to contend with fewer people {ie - getting the best spot on the beach and best pool chair}, d) a rest before or after a busy christmas season, e) escaping the late-fall's rain and cold! Win, win, win, win and win! {Trip Styler Tip: Mark the travel sweet spot on your calendar for next year! Airlines and resorts offer big sales at the end of October/first few weeks of November for travel during this period. Last week I saw flights to Bermuda from Vancouver for $400(inc taxes) and around the same price for flights to Hawaii.}

The Fun Doesn't Stop Here With fall in full-force and winter looming in the near future, I've had a lot of questions regarding trips to Hawaii. If you can't get away during the travel sweet spot, don't worry. Winter sunscapes can still be reasonable too. Travel suppliers are always offering last-min deals, so if you're inclined, pre-plan a week off and see where {in the Caribbean} the wind takes you!

[photo: my own]