Apple's iPad = Travel Companion

Yesterday, Apple announced the newest addition to its army of world-altering technologies: the Apple iPad.  The touch-screen technology popularized by the iTouch and iPhone is also shared by the iPad.  Smaller than a magazine, Steve Job's proclaims "it is the best browsing experience you've ever had." I'm not sure how I would categorize the iPad: a tablet, a hybrid iphone or a netbook?  Likely, it is all.

The iPad will start to ship worldwide late march, be available in the US early April and available in Canada (hopefully) sometime this summer.  The cost for an entry-level ipad will be $499usd.

Why the iPad is Great for Traveling

  • Size.  At 9.6"h x 7.5"w x 0.5"d the iPad is bigger than an iPhone and smaller than a lap top.  It will be able to fit in an oversized purse or regular carry-on.
  • Weight.  With many airlines instituting carry-on weight requirements, every pound counts, so horay for its 1.5 pound weight.
  • Apps.  The apps offered for the iPhone/Touch blow my mind.  There are currently 140,000 of them--a number which will seem scant one day.  The same apps will be offered for the iPad.  This will be invaluable while on-the-road.
  • Photos.  With the ability to act like a photo frame, you'll be able to flip through and share the pics you snap right away.
  • Battery.  The iPad's battery life is refreshing.  With an estimated run-time of 10 hours, you'll be able to compute on an international flight.
  • Storage.  If you're a photographer or on a year-long trip, the 3 size categories (16, 32 and 64GB) would be helpful.
  • 3G Wi-Fi.  Find out what's going on in THE world and YOUR world while you're away.
  • TV.  Don't worry about missing the shows you follow while away, watch them on the ipad.
  • eReader.  Look out Kindle, the iPad is the next competitor.  Figures that Apple would partner with Penguin, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan and Hachette Book Group to offer iBooks, an eBook distributor.
  • Phone.  Apple iPad 3G models will be sold with an unlocked SIM card.
  • Listen.  Make your hotel room feel like home (kinda) blasting your playlist (at a low decibel of course) through its built-in speakers.  The device will ship with itunes installed.


  • Because the iPad's is flat, and the keyboard integrated, typing a slew of emails may give one some neck pains.  Maybe they'll come out with a solution for this...I know they are coming out with a docking station, but this is not practical to bring traveling.
  • Typing while holding the device.  Will we only be able to type one-handed?
  • Requiring an additional 3G data contract with your cell provider?  Will providers consolidate contracts to account for multiple devices?

I'm kind of over my 8" netbook.  It has accompanied me on a few epic trips, but it's about as slow as my blackberry bold, so I'm thinking of selling it in anticipation of the ipad's spring release.