Travel Apps :: Hostel World iphone appLaunching last week, the newest travel industry giant to join the app world is The Irish-owned, market leader in online reservations to the budget traveller has now made 'on-the-go' booking that much more accessible. Now students and travel aficionados seeking an authentic, no-frills stay can search for hostels from the comfort of their own iPhone or iPod Touch's wi-fi while globetrotting. According to the budget booking engine, the launch of the free app is being celebrated with no booking fees on any bookings made on iPhones until January, 29th. Travel App Details

  • free
  • map view of hostels, showing users current location
  • search 23,000 hostels in 6,000 destinations worldwide
  • view photos
  • read over 2,000,000  reviews
  • store preferences for later review in offline mode
  • ability to book multiple room types simultaneously

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*Although hostel-ing may not be your preferred trip style, don't rule it out. I've stayed in my share of hostels in my university backpacking days, but as I got older, opted for hotels. However, when I was in Cusco, Peru, our friends booked a hostel for us. At first I wondered what the accommodations might be like, but once we arrived, I was elated. The Llipimpic hostel had an adorable central courtyard, amazing staff, separate rooms---each with their own washroom, an amazing breakfast every morning as well as free computer/internet.  For $39/night, the place was a steel.