Travel Resolution #8 :: Always Carry $1s

travel resolutions always carry one dollar billsEven though I already made my travel resolutions for 2010, who says you can't add to them throughout the year?  Based on recent experience, my newest 2010 travel resolution is: Thou Shalt Always Travel with Multiple US One Dollar Bills. I know, I know, I'm Canadian, but it's not like the rest of the world appreciates the loonie and twoonie like I do.  Maybe one day they will?

Now I'm not planning on being a walking bank with a wad of ones protruding from my pocket, but, carrying enough ones for all the seen and unforeseen times a tip is required is my new travel declaration.

The mental news flash leading to this resolution occurred on a recent trip to Jamaica when I only had seven $1s in my possession, and knew I'd need more.   It reminded me how easy it would have been to go the bank either before my trip OR at various intervals throughout the year in order to accumulate $1s for travel.   Second time's a charm?  Another  similar experience I had was sitting in a rental car shuttle bus back to Kahului Airport (OGG).  On the ride, I realized I didn't have any ones left; all I had was a twoonie.  Knowing that the Canadian and US dollar were pretty much on-par at that point, I handed over my twoonie as a thanks for the two-min ride.  The driver was gracious, but I know he thought I was 'out to lunch.'  Better something than nothing?  Not so much.  Appears people aren't so big on coins.

On vacation one's mind tends to rest--I know mine does.  With this in mind, I vow to let it rest while away and take 10 mins before I leave to go to the bank and make sure I have enough $1s a)so I'm never in a lurch and b)to thank people for their service 100% of the time.

[photo by photosteve101]