Travel TidBits

spirit air + check out the oil on our beachesTGIF. Here's something fun for Friday; a collection of travel tidbits that caught my eye this week.

Spirit Airlines Greases their Wheels Spirit Airlines is no stranger to controversial ads (like their MILF ad 'meaning' = Many Islands Low Fares), and now they're at it again with their "oil on our beaches" campaign [image above]. What do you think of these ads? From an advertising point of view, you can't deny they are timely and relevant. See all the ads on Spirit's homepage.

Starbucks Free Wifi People who love--and expect--free wifi rejoice! As of July 1st, all Starbucks locations in the US will offer free wireless internet. My thoughts on the subject: Dear Starbucks, thank you for making this great and monumental addition to the service in US stores on Canada Day. Couldn't you have waited for July 4th? You're killing us here up in the North.

Go High in the Singapore Sky singapore sky park If you're afraid of heights, don't look! I cannot contain myself, this pool is so cool! No pun intended. Commanding Singapore's skyline and spanning over 3 Towers atop the Marina Bay Sands Casino and Resort is SkyPark, an outdoor wonderland. For approximately $16 you can hang out 200m above ground and swim the backstroke for 150m end to end.

Get your Guac On I love guac, but a guac show? Holy cow, sign me up. Indulge and learn how to master guacamole next time you're in Dallas. Every evening at the Ritz-Carlton, the lobby lights dim and the hotel’s own “Guacamologist” enters the scene to whip-up some guacamole and present mini-margaritas to adult lobby guests. Again, sign me up.

Harry Potter World Quidditch fans unite, hang out with Harry and the gang at Universal Orlando. Last friday the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened its doors to JK Rowling fans...and I thought Universal's Miami Vice show was cool, wow, things have changed.

Peep Hole Curtain I didn't think you could spy on someone looking the 'wrong way' into a peep hole, but maybe you can with spy gear? As a precaution, the Marriott West Conchohoken (in a suberb of Philadelphia), isn't taking any chances offering a peep hole security curtain.

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[photo credit spirit airlines, metro news uk]