Travel Trend :: Carry-On Changes Coming?

[trip style = packing light]

Recently, Spirit Airlines, a sizable US-based discount carrier announced plans to charge people up to $45 for carry-ons. Needless to say, a large public outcry ensued in similar proportions to RyanAir's announcement to charge for toilet use.  Channeling my inner grandma: what has our world come to?

The Future of Travel Based on the left pic, is this how Spirit wants us to travel, avec multiple accoutrements hanging from every limb and buried in every pocket?  [More pics below.]

Making Good on Bad Promise? Multiple US-lawmakers have jumped on the lobbying bandwagon trying to stop Spirit from making good on their bad promise to charge for carry-ons and set an unfortunate precedent.  I was almost convinced that the Government would overthrow the idea, yet yesterday morning Spirit Airlines's CEO was on the Today Show defending it, noting that the costs would be off-set by the airline lowering ticket prices.

Like a Fart in Church... Matt Lauer was kind and complimentary to Spirit's CEO, but noted "you had to know this idea would go over like a fart in church."  In response to Spirit's defense of their proposed carry-on bag fees, Senator Schumer discussed the bigger issue which he predicts will be all airlines following suit.  In support of his point, he referenced Spirit as the pioneers in charging for checked baggage--well, we all know how that turned out...$25, $30, $40, $50 dollars later.

Driving Home the Point Although I understand Spirit Airlines' faster-out-of-the-gate motivation in leading the fee-for-carry-on bags, I'm not a fan. Fees never go backwards and airlines will always seek new profit centres. To drive home this point, I've taken the liberty to personally illustrate how people might start showing up at the airport for Spirit flights. Items on my person: hat, comb (attached to hat), toothbrush (in my hair), lipstick (in my hair), undergarments, t-shirt, sweater, jacket, jeans, shorts, two belts, shoes, flip flops, iPod, clear toiletries case, bathing suit, book, umbrella, bracelet, watch & camera. carry on carry-on fees airline fees coming