Travel Trends :: Checkpoint-Friendly Carry-Ons

checkpoint-friendly carry-onsRecently I've seen a lot of hoopla about checkpoint-friendly carry-ons {think dual-compartment lap top bag or briefcase, just a little bigger}. What's ironic about the trend is that people have been leaping across latitudes with laptops for years. Furthermore, people have had to separately scan their computers from the rest of their luggage for awhile too, so your guess is as good as mine why there's been a resurgence in a carry-ons with an external lap top pocket as a travel must---aside from most airlines now charging for checked baggage, unless you're travelling Air Canada, West Jet or Jet Blue.

Security-Friendly Carry-Ons Briggs and Riley If you want a well-made, timeless piece of luggage with a lifetime guarantee, turn to Briggs and Riley. Their luggage is on the top end of the luggage price spectrum, but there's something to be said for quality over quantity. Case in point, their 20" upright includes a SpeedThru™ removable laptop case, as well as storage areas for files, clothing and toiletries. Cost: $449

International Traveller International Traveller makes a lot of different suitcases, but their most ingenius line is the lightweight IT-Ø-2. With their ultra-light carry-on suitcase weighing less than 6 lbs {which gives you an extra 20lbs of packing weight by most airlines' carry-on standards), this spacious and lightweight bag has two external pockets for items like travel docs and a laptop. Cost: $339.99 {4-piece set}.

Longchamp If you're looking for style, try Longchamp's Veau Foulonne brown leather, 2-wheel upright. With a big front pocket for a lap top and toiletries storage, this bag is also functional. I'm a fan. Cost: Approx. $600 - $800

Here's to your items flying quickly and seamlessly through security!