Travel Trends :: Groupon-esque Travel

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Coupons are making a comeback. But in 2010 and via web 2.0, they look a little different. They are virtual (until you print them out), viral and group-buying focused, as in, if a deal gets shared enough and people buy it, everyone gets to indulge.

The Groupon Craze We all know Groupon is hot right now, businesses from cooking schools to Fairmont Hotels have been jumping on board to entice consumers with savings, which they hope will bring them regular customers. Playing off the coupon and social networking trend, there's a groupon-like travel website launching next week. My prediction, it's going to be BIG.

New Kid in Town TripAlertz is an online travel community where prices go down as bookings go up. Not a bad formula. This US-based website is free to use and takes seconds to join. Unlike Groupon, you don't have to unlock a deal, rather you can purchase it for a limited time. The more people purchase, the greater the savings. In the website's launch phase, most of the deals appear to be Florida-based, but as the site expands, they plan on expanding worldwide.

Travel Sharing = Travel Savings This social-buying travel site puts a whole new spin on group travel. Yes, it offers the same type of discounts as the Pricelines and Hotwires of the world, but it does so transparently, in a way that depends upon social sharing. Therefore, if you see a hotel deal you like, you can a) indulge on your own, or b) share it with your friends, likely get greater savings and plan a group trip!

Bon voyage!