Using Hotel Room Amenities Like MacGyver

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Sometimes travel requires MacGyver momentsusing what you have to do what you need. I loved watching MacGyver (1985-92) navigate any circumstance with his eternally optimistic troubleshooting skills---something we often have to do while travelling. Since we can't bring the whole kitchen sink with us on vacation, here are some alternate MacGyver-like uses for common hotel room amenities:

Hotel Room Amenities for Everyday Needs

  • The shower: Hang garments on the shower curtain rod or towel rod and run the shower on hot to freshen and de-wrinkle them [preferably you're in the shower so you don't waste water].
  • Coffee maker: If you're travelling with a baby, warm or sterilize their bottle in the coffee pot filled with boiling water [a Gadling tip].
  • Shoe: No wine bottle opener in the room? No problem. Use your shoe to open the bottle of wine. 
  • Laundry bag: Use for dirty clothes or wet bathing suits.
  • Shower cap: To cover dirty shoes or protect your phone and/or camera at the pool or beach [see hotelchatter for additional tips].
  • Ice bucket: Sans fridge? Use the ice bucket filled with ice to keep groceries, take-out or leftovers cool.
  • Vodka in the mini-bar: Does the underarm area of your shirt need a pick-me-up? Mix vodka and water on a washcloth and apply to affected area to freshen the scent. Also apply directly to the armpit if you forget your deodorant. If using the dual-pronged approach, don't be surprised if someone asks if you had a 'rough night' in the hotel elevator.
  • Shower gel: Use in place of bubble bath or use to wash undergarments.
  • Shoe shine gloves: Clean your dirty laptop or phone screen [a HeatherLovesIt tip].
  • Sewing kit: The original MacGyver in-case-of-emergency travel tool.

Hotel Room Amenities for Beauty Needs

  • Tea bags: Run under hot water to cool and de-puff your tired eyes [a Jauntsetter tip].
  • Hand lotion: Use as a makeshift hair smoother and de-frizzer.
  • Conditoner: Forgot your shaving cream? Using conditioner in its place won't dry legs like soap or clog your razor like lotion... yep, I've tried both.

[photo via paramount]