Virgin's Fly Girls Hit the Airwaves

Travel TV + Reality TV = CW's New Show Fly Girls

Premiering tonight on CW, a group of 5 female Virgin America Airlines flight attendants will strut their stuff on camera as they travel from coast to coast.  But the show won't just feature the girls' work lives, it will also follow their personal endeavors as well.  In true reality show form, living together in an LA 'crash' pad will undoubtedly up the show's drama content.

I think these lines from the show's promo are bound to set the tone for the entire series: "when you live your life at 500mph"..."you're only on the ground long enough to take-off tomorrow."  Although the show (or should I say 'concept') has already incurred some criticism--on the CW show forum of all places--I think it will be interesting and I look forward to watching.

Watching Fly Girls - In the USA, CW network, Wednesdays, 9/8c - In Canada, it is available on CW affiliates, 9

PS - just read an excellent New York Mag article about last night's Fly Girls episode from the perspective of a flight attendant. The comments are insightful.

PPS - After watching the first episode, I think I'm hooked.  Yes, it is drama-infused, yes it appears there will be an Omarosa-like villain, yes it dials-up the sex factor, but isn't that the recipe for reality tv?  Granted, it does have some interesting redeeming qualities like industry insight,  interesting characters and destination profiles.