Fashion Friday :: Cozy in the City

fashion friday :: winter urban street-style[trip style = urban + weekend getaway]

While everyone else flies south for the winter, there must be some logic in doing the opposite, right? Don't let a little thing like winter stop you from visiting your favourite northern hemisphere cities. One of my guilty pleasure internet pastimes is looking at street style blogs. What I love about the cold-weather-city style blogs at this time of year is seeing how people do cold well. People who dress for function - and fashion - in winter conditions. They make a chilly vacation destination seem a little less scary.

Now what to bring? travel + cold weather street style

(clockwise from top left) Madewell silk cargo shirt, J.Crew cashmere v-neck sweater, Club Monaco vera coat, Temple Bags wool tote, Oliver Peoples sheldrake sunglasses, Anthropologie raw citrine earrings, Free People angora convertible gloves, Anthropologie dessau scarf, Madewell biker boot, Madewell rail straight black jeans, Topshop ladder detail socks

Trip Styler Tip: 87% of all lost earrings fall out during the winter. Okay so I made up that stat, but it's got to be something like that. Scarves are the #1 culprit, followed closely by change rooms. Again, I made that up, but I bet I'm right. Always wear earrings with tight backings while wearing scarves and toques. While wearing hook earrings, pinch the hook and add a spare plastic backing if possible (save them when you buy the earrings).

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[Street style photos via The SartorialistRefinery 29Mr. NewtonFace Hunter]