Spring Skiing Bliss & Deals

spring skiing at Whistler blackcomb[trip style = active + ski]

Today is April 1st and a Friday. You know what that means---this Friday in April, you can show up at any ski hill in North America naked, and ski free. Just kidding, April fools.

Low Season Benchmarks In last week's Travel Trend Thursday post, I talked about traveling in low season {April, May, June} and reaping the rewards of greater choice, fewer crowds and less financial outlay. It just so happens, each of these low season benchmarks could not do a better job of describing shoulder season at ski resorts too! Many locals refer to April and May as the secret ski season because the snow is still great, the weather a little warmer and the masses nowhere to be found.

Trip Styler Tip for Whistler Blackcomb If you're from BC or Washington, one value-added opportunity available to you {that I take advantage of every year} at Whistler Blackcomb is pre-buying a 5-day EDGE Card for the following year and tacking on unlimited spring skiing for most of April and May for an extra $79. Last spring I think I skied about 17 times, so I'd say I got my money's worth---to the tune of just under $5 per ski day.

Here are the specifics and benefits of buying Whistler Blackcomb EDGE Cards early: 5-Day EDGE Card $319/ 10-Day Edge Card $575 Includes bonus early-season day next winter for use before Dec. 23 & one free summer sightseeing day {great for hiking}. Add on Unlimited Spring Skiing for $79 and you can ski this season from April 4 - May 23.

PS - if you want to ski your brains off this spring but don't want to commit to an EDGE card for next year, buy a Spring Pass now for $209 {adult}, $159 {ages 65+ and 13-18}, and $115 {children 7-12}.

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[photo by @tripstyler, taken on the Crystal Chair at Whistler Blackcomb]