Tech Tuesday :: Get A Callback

[trip style = any] When an online form or email just won't do the trick...

Calling companies to resolve a travel issue is rarely a pleasant experience. And what's worse, pressing "zero" no longer works as a fast-track way to skip the phone tree to speak with a real person. Press 1 for.., press 3 for..., press 9 for... phone systems are getting too smart with their convoluted pathways, lengthy wait times and elevator music. Thankfully, there's an app that's smarter.

Fast Customer, whose tag line should be "your call is important to us, really" eliminates the customer service queue and gives you back the 30-minutes to 2-hours you just wasted waiting for a 3-minute resolution. After registering your number with the app, you can call one of 2000+ companies listed in their database to resolve "the" issue. Once an operator is on the line, you'll get a callback from Fast Customer's 800-number and speak to a representative right away. If the company you're trying to reach isn't yet listed, add it for approval so others can call too.

I can think of a bunch of times when I wish this app would have been invented! Either way, now we can call every company from CheapOair to Hawaiian Airlines with the touch of a button! {Note, you need to re-enter your phone number every time you use the app.}

This free app is available for iPhone or Android.

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