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Being the beauty junkie that I am, I look for small beauty boutiques in every city I visit. Nothing gets me more excited than discovering unique products, especially in far-flung places. Here are some of my favorite beauty haunts I hope you visit one day! {Beauty bars pictured left to right, top to bottom.}

Larchmont Beauty Center {Los Angeles, California} I first discovered this beauty haven on a visit to LA and fell in love. I ended up moving to LA---and living around the corner from this boutique---so it pretty much became a weekly stop for me. This store is small, but somehow fits the most incredible range of beauty products I've ever seen. From big brands like Bliss Spa, Nars and Kerastase to lesser known brands like Yon-Ka and This Works, to cheaper drugstore products---you can find it all here. Fred, the owner of the store, knows his stuff, as do all the staff. Bonus: this boutique is a celeb favorite, the above picture is Christina Ricci leaving the store.

Neal's Yard Remedies {London, England} The location for this fabulous green beauty bar is an eco-chic gal's paradise. The bright colorful courtyard in Covent Gardens is hard to find, but once you do, you'll love what you see. Enjoy Neal's Yard Dairy, Salad Bar, Bakery, Bookshop and of course Remedies---my favorite. The yard, which has been dubbed "London's Secret Garden", came to be in the late 70s when an organic food store opened and was so successful that other ethical businesses joined. Neal's Yard Remedies has it all, from herbal potions you can concoct yourself {speak to one of the beauty experts and tell them what you're looking for}, to delicious bath and body products and cosmetics. All organic of course. I used the Wild Rose Beauty Balm daily when I lived in London.

Carthusia Perfumes {Capri, Italy} I stumbled upon this amazing perfume factory and store in the center of Capri on my honeymoon. Carthusia dates all the way back to 1380, when a queen visited the island of Capri and asked the Father of the Carthusian Monastery to create a bouquet of flowers for her. The water within which the flowers had been placed acquired a scent of the notes and this eventually became the first perfume of Capri. The same methods once used by the Carthusian monks are still employed for the production of the perfumes today, using all local ingredients from the island. All the scents are lovely, but my favorite is the Aria de Capri, which I bought as a solid perfume. Its fresh scent blends peach, jasmine and mimosa blossoms.

The Organic Pharmacy {Beverly Hills, California and London, England} This organic pharmacy was created by a homeopathic pharmacist from the UK. Every item they sell is organic and made with non-toxic ingredients. Not only do they sell their own range of standout products, they also custom-blend herbal remedies based on your needs. The pharmacy itself is stark white and clean looking, just like a typical European pharmacy, but the products are a lot more interesting. I love the Carrot Butter Cleanser, it's thick, rich and luxurious, and leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft. They also do some beauty treatments at the pharmacy, I did a pre-pregnancy scan to find out how balanced my body was before I got pregnant. Very cool and interesting. Sign up for their free newsletter online to get really helpful information on organic beauty and new products.

Les Ateliers de la Souris Verte {Paris, France} I stumbled upon this beauty boutique and classroom totally by accident, and was instantly charmed by how adorable it was. Customers can buy pre-made homemade beauty products or sign-up for a class to learn how to make their own. Everything is natural and made with pure ingredients. Products are formulated with rich essential oils and natural fragrances, and range from bath and body, to hair, to skincare and baby care. They serve French cheese and wine during classes---I can't imagine a better way to spend an evening in Paris!


Trip Styler Loves BedbugLogic Protection & Treatment Spray On a recent trip to NYC I noticed there were crowds outside several well-known hotels with signs saying bed bugs had been found there---not what a guest checking-in wants to see! In no time I was looking up bed bug registries online and googling bed bugs to learn more about them. With all this bed bug buzz {try saying that 5 times fast!}, I was pretty excited to hear about a product that is "scientifically proven to knockdown 100% of bed bugs in seconds" and "conclusively render 96% of bed bugs dead after two sprays"...I was sold. Seeing as I'm always traveling back and forth from NYC, BedbugLogic Protection & Treatment Spray destroys bed bugs within seconds of contact with natural, biodegradable enzymes and essential oils. The formula isn't harmful to humans, animals or the planet and is 100% non toxic. Just spray on hotel linens and you can be sure that if any bed bugs did exist, they have now moved on to a better place. The spray comes in the following sizes: 2oz ($6.25), 8oz ($18), 24oz ($32), 32oz ($38) and 1 gallon ($78) and is available on and Obviously, I'd recommend the 2oz size for travel! - Lauren

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