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Have you ever been dazzled by a resort's beachfront pictures only to get there and find out 'the beach' is either not what it looked like in pictures, or in a completely different location than it appeared? I have, on a few occasions, but more on this another time...

Actually on the Beach A travel trend that's been brewing for awhile, and is now out in the open is true beachfronts, or website descriptions and pictures that accurately disclose the hotel or resort's beach situation. Now, there's even a website dedicated to this cause. The recently launched Beachfront Club is on a mission to tell the world about hotels and resorts that are actually on the beach, versus across the street, 20-mins up the hill, etc... The reason for this aggressive but impressive mission? One of site's founders is trying to make amends for times he photographed hotels in misleading ways to make them appear seaside through camera angles and editing.

The Beachfront Club the beachfront club Although the site is still in beta, according to this CNN article, it has mapped 7000 of the 10,000 hotels worldwide, it qualifies as on the beach. To give the site a little test run, I looked up a destination I know pretty well: Maui. Focusing on Wailea {Maui's manicured belle of the ball}, I was impressed with the major oceanfront hotels it accurately placed and the initial info associated with each. Its only error showed The Renaissance on the map, only problem is, it has been sitting eerily empty {with fencing surrounding the property} since 2007.

Being Up-front I love the idea of this website, and will likely use it in the future as a cross-checking resource when I'm researching a hotel and/or beachfront destination. Hotel description and picture accuracy is a big deal---even major reputable brands are guilty of mileading photos, etc... Met pet peeve is when they show pictures of white curtain-clad, cabana-like, bamboo beach beds dotting an empty, perfectly flat beach only to find these cabanas don't exist, the beach is overcrowded and it's not that flat, but that's a whole other topic for another time...

In the meantime, check out The Beachfront Club for a true beachy keen experience.

[photos from The Beachfront Club]