Travel Trends :: Choose Your Own Adventure

travel trend :: chose your own adventure[trip style = active + adventure]

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Over the past few years, aside from user-generated content, one of the buzz words marketers use is customization---customizing  your frozen yogurt, customizing your car, customizing your home, customizing your crocs, and why stop at bedazzled crocs? Now you can customize your next trip style = adventure by choosing your own travel adventure.

The just-launched Kumutu was started as a centralized place to find, compare and book travel adventures worldwide based on user-generated reviews. Really, it's a place where you can choose your own adventure, like the books you used to read in elementary school, but now you're trying to choose between kayaking with orcas just outside Vancouver, BC or going on a Tanzanian Safari.

Searching by activity or country based on your dates, it's easy to narrow down what might inspire you. Given the site is still in the toddler stage, I look forward to a few months from now when more adventures come into the system and there's greater choice!  For now, check it out, then keep it in your back pocket for the next time the great outdoors beckons you to explore.