Travel Trends :: 3 Innovations

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Sometimes products come onto the market and you wonder how you lived without them. The next three innovations are in this category. From a rollable shoe, to a spray-on wrinkle releaser and mini vacuum-packed diapers, each of these products will save space, simplify and relax {on many levels} your next globe-trot near or far.

Footzy Rolls Designed by two sisters who after bruised heals and soar feet took a break from their lengthy relationship with stilettos and started Footzy Rolls. These irresistible, inventive and rollable flats are the perfect solution for travel because they look chic, can handle multi-concourse treks and pack better than flip flops. At a starting price tag of $20usd, I think I'll take 3! My faves are the silver and gold snakeskins, the rock 'n red sole and the black footzy flops. Find them online.

Wrinkle Releaser I loath ironing. Even when you gingerly pack your wrinkle-prone shirts in your suitcase using all the packing tricks of the trade, wrinkles still abound. So, imagine my excitement when I heard about a new Downy spray-on product that actually relaxes wrinkles sans iron!  Apparently, the 10-second process involves 3 small steps: spray, tug and smooth to release unwanted wrinkles. I can't wait to pick one of these babies up when I head to the US. If it works like it says it does {and most of the reviews are good}, I will be bringing it {decanted into a travel-sized container} with me every time I travel. Bonus, it leaves a fresh scent in case your garment needs a pick-me-up. Find it at stores like Wal-Mart in the US from $9 usd.

Diaper Buds When I have kids, I'm already excited to travel with a little diaper innovation called Diaper Buds. Vacuum-packed to 70% smaller than a loose diaper, these pint-sized protectors are a major space and stress saver for that travel stretch when you can't easily replenish your stock at a store. Once you open the bud, it blooms into a full-sized diaper available in sizes 2 - 5. Find them online from $1 usd.