Travel Trends :: Molecular Cuisine

molecular cuisine + travel trendThis next travel trend is not so much a trend in travel, but a trend you'll see while {and hopefully experience} traveling. I first saw molecular cuisine {were food meets science} talked about on the Food Network last year, then had the chance to taste it at Whistler's Bearfoot Bistro and Mexico's Banyan Tree Mayakoba's Tamarind restaurant. Both experiences were redonculously good.

In Theory and in Practice Molecular gastronomy/cuisine is a discipline practiced by both scientists and food professionals studying the physical and chemical processes that occur while cooking. It is intended to be palate-revolutionizing, challenging the norms of how and why food is prepared. In my layman's, non-cheffy terms, it's eating balls, pearls, pebbles, dust and foam that you wouldn't normally expect to be in that form/shape, in other words, putting together daring combinations and changing the properties of food we consume. Here are some concrete examples: olive oil dust {pictured above}, cola pearls, codfish foam, salmon poached with liquor ice, etc...

This chemist-meets-foodie trend is so popular, there are entire restaurants devoted to it, forums about it and event at-home starter kits. Check out this video showing some gastronomic creations:

[photo by @nate_fri, taken at the Bearfoot Bistro]