A Sky-vival Kit

[trip style = any]

Flying two or three hours is no biggie. Between the water/pop service, one bathroom break and a magazine, you're almost there. Anything over six hours requires a sky-vival plan at 35,000ft. From head to toe, here's how to assemble to ultimate kit:

{See our full story Fodor's Travel including details on how each essential was selected and where to buy it.}

1. Dry Shampoo 2. Eye Drops 3. Sunglasses 4. Smudge-Free Eye Mask 5. Moisturizing Mist 6. Noise-Canceling Headphones {bonus: they double as ear plugs} 7. Collapsible Water Bottle 8. Portable Toothbrush 9. Scarf/Wrap/Blanket 10. Hand Cream 11. Sanitizer 12. Moisturizing Sox

Other Musts {not pictured above} - Pen for customs forms - Tide 'anti-stain' Pen for spot-cleaning that coffee spill - Gravol in case you encounter some bumps

[graphic by @tripstyler]