Canadian West Coast Adventures

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Today is a holiday across Canada. It's really the holiday of all summer holidays because the weather is almost always hot and days are long: summer at its best, you might say.

In celebration of the last month of melting ice cream and s'mores roasting over the campfire, I present to you an article I recently wrote for Fodor's: Five Summer Adventures on Canada's West Coast, involving: - kayaking in Vancouver - whale watching in Victoria - surfing in Tofino - mountain biking in Whistler - river rafting in the Fraser Canyon

Here's a little taste of the intro: "Steeped in nature's grandest delights–majestic mountains, vast rainforests and raging rivers—Canada's West Coast is the ultimate summer playground. With a cool breeze off the Pacific Ocean, temperatures hover in the mid-70s, making British Columbia's part-wild, part-cosmopolitan seaside locale easy to explore for both soft- and hard-core adventurers. And it's not just tourists who whale watch and mountain bike; locals make the most of the latitude and longitude that allows for morning hikes and afternoon dips in the ocean! Here are five of the Canadian West Coast's wildest adventures."

In case you're interested, a list of all my Fodor's articles.

[photo: ryan b robinson - Downtime Photo]