KinderHop :: Making Hotel Rooms Work

how to make hotel rooms work with kids
how to make hotel rooms work with kids

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KinderHop is published on the third Monday of every month and written by Trip Styler's kid 'n family writer Keryn.

Hotels are a big part of travel, and when kids come into the picture sharing your previous haven-for-two with three or four can seem daunting. Don’t lose hope. It can work. Here are four tips and tricks I use for setting up the room and getting the little ones to sleep!

Suite Arrival
Whenever possible, opt for a suite so you can have your own space and your child can have his. If a suite isn’t an option---due to budget or hotel type---the following ideas take a crack at creating personal space in an open room.

hotel room sanity with kids
hotel room sanity with kids

Chances are, if you're traveling with an infant or toddler, you will request a hotel crib in your room {or bring your own pack 'n play}. The problem is where to put it. Can the closet be made into a tiny bedroom? Will you need the bathroom at night or can it become the toddler’s room? Get creative with the space's nooks and crannies.

Fort Fabulous
If you have older children ask housekeeping for an extra sheet. Throw the sheet over the desk or a chair to create a little cave for your kids. Non-residue painter's tape can help with gently securing one side of the fort to the ground. A fold-up cot or just a pile of blankets underneath can turn an unused space into an indoor camping adventure.

Getting the kids to sleep
You don’t need to pack your nursery into a suitcase, but you do need to remember their favorite blankie or stuffed bear. If they need it to sleep at home then you’ll both need it when you travel. Before your trip, plan ahead so nothing large is absolutely necessary at bedtime. The less they need, the less you have to pack.

When all else fails and your little one won’t go to sleep, think of the bathroom as a movie theatre, spa or mobile office. Hide out and watch Netflix or Hulu on your iPad, read a book or get some work done until your child settles in for the night.

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