Seven Ways To Beach Chic

[trip style = beach + sun]

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First of all, happy Canada Day long weekend to our Canadian readers!!!

A few weeks ago I saw this Seven Steps To Beach Chic cheat sheet on NET-A-PORTER and LOVED it in theory and in practice. As summer beach season heats up, here's THE luxe fashion website's beach go-tos, plus a petite TS commentary:

1/ I go through bathing suits like sox, so why not find your local 'fast fashion' shop and suit-up in a scuba-style bikini or one-piece. Men: the trend for you is shorter, Euro-style boardshorts.

2/ I'm a huge fan of having a staple pair of high-quality shades with timeless frames and ultra UV protectant lenses---you just don't want to mess with the sun---but if you're on the lookout for new sunnies, check out last month's check out Fashion Friday installment all about sunglasses: Fashion Friday :: Oh Mr. Sun.

3/ Normally I like practical cover-ups, because let’s face it, when you’ve been in the sun all day and you're covered with 20 layers of sticky screen, the idea of a gorge garment on sweaty skin is gross. That said, this kimono cover-up could be worn down to the pool and at night. Win, win. {Trip Styler Tip :: If you're really serious about embodying beach-chic but don't want to get sun cream on your cover-up, bring a lose T or simply wear your towel back to your room at the end of the day. No one will notice, they'll be in a 'beach daze' anyway!}

4/ I'm not into jewels or costume jewelry beachside, but après-beach I'm in like gin. I only travel with a carry-on, so jewelry is a tried-and-true way to dress up or dress down the 'inventory' in my suitcase's real estate. For example, the same beach cover-up I wear to the pool in the AM can be dressed up with jewelry for a PM knockout.

5/ Even if you're into neutrals, you can bid adieu to beige with beachwear and be bold with color and prints. We all need a little color in our lives. Currently LOVING this belted one-piece.

6/ We just suggested some gorgeous double-duty travel carry-alls from Claire Vivier---perf for bringing to the beach or throwing into your beach bag.

7/ Keep sandals sweet 'n low at the beach or pool. 100% agreed. Please don’t wear high heels at the pool. Just don't.

[graphics via net-a-porter]