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"You just can't lose" is the unique selling feature of new hotel booking site, built to refund customers after they book if the price of their hotel drops before their stay. With no online forms to fill out, the refund is done automatically.

In case you're worried that a site offering automatic hotel stay refunds is sketchy, Tingo's legit. Its sister company is Trip Advisor.

How It Works Tingo functions like any other travel booking site. Enter your destination and dates, and this hotel booking engine will render a series of matching results gathered from Expedia. In a recent search for hotels in LA, 75% of the results were eligible for money back, while 25% were just typical hotel rates---no bells or whistles {see below}. For example, if you book a "money back" hotel one month in advance of your arrival date, and the price lowers one to three times, you'll get a refund every time. And no, you don't get charged extra if the price goes up.

What do you think of this hotel booking/refund concept? Will you use Tingo?

PS - did you know that a service like this exists for flights too? It's called yapta, except the onus is on you as the consumer to ask for the refund once yapta tracks the price of your flight.

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