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[trip style = beach + sightseeing + weekend getaway]

Jason's got it down. Each year he travels to a trio of far-flung locales on a big trip and a bevy of beach destinations on smaller trips. Along with weekends away, this has him escaping Vancouver at least once a month, all while holding a major role at one of Canada's most respected and longstanding retailers. The only way to couple his long work hours with his love of travel is to plan ahead and then go for it---even when it seems inconvenient. Extended weekend in Chicago, why not? Three-week, multi-country itinerary? No problem. Spot this stylish jetsetter---with a penchant for layering grey tones---traveling alongside his globetrotting partner, Hjalmar.

1/ What are your top 3 trip styles & why?
We typically break down our yearly vacations into major trips, minor tips and weekend getaways:

[trip style = weekend getaway] Managing the hectic work schedules of two people who live to travel is tough. Weekend getaways are a must! Our two-day escapes range from trip style = wine tasting in Kelowna to trip style = skiing in Whistler. Extended weekends involve trip style = beach'ing it in Hawaii or checking out the trip style = urban restaurant scene in Chicago.

[trip style = sightseeing] Every year we plan a longer vacation {anywhere from 2-3 weeks} focusing on destinations we haven’t yet explored. We love to experience new cultures, architecture, cuisine, etc. During this type of holiday, we typically pack in as much as possible, jetting to 3-4 different cities/countries. A few years ago we did London, Egypt and Dubai and last year we did Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

[trip style = beach] Since our major trips aren’t always the most relaxing and weekend getaways are too short to unwind, we definitely look forward to a week to 10 days on the beach, and nothing more. It’s usually a week in Mexico. It's the kind of trip where I don't feel guilty for doing absolutely nothing!

2/ What items are always on your packing list?
- Kiehl's Facial Fuel {moisturizer and SPF in one}
- Anything in grey {this color goes with everything and it's seasonally neutral}
- Flip flops
- Summer scarf
- Christian Dior duffle bag {the perfect carry-all...and it's grey of course}
- iPhone {I don't leave home without it -- staying connected is a necessity for me}

3/ Carry-on or checked bag?
If it’s a week or less, carry-on! I avoid checking luggage whenever possible. It slows everything down from the check-in to the baggage claim! When I'm only doing carry-on, I can get through check-in, security and customs in less than 10 minutes, and for weekend getaways, this is a must! However, for those longer trips where I do check a bag, I still tend to pack light. It’s less about what I’m bringing, and more about what I’m bringing back!

4/ Last trip, next trip & what destination{s} are on your radar?
Last Trip: Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong

Next Trip: Yearly pilgrimage to Coachella in Palm Desert

On My Radar: Later this year we’re headed to London, Holland and Turkey. We’ve also planned a weekend trip to NYC. Our next two major trips in the coming years include Australia and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

5/ Do you have any travel rituals you follow each time you jetset?
Naps! We tend to always take a nap or rest between 4-6pm. This way we recover from a long day of sightseeing and are ready for a night on the town. Splurge! We seek out and splurge on the best restaurant in town, usually relying on the recommendations of locals or friends. Research! We always figure out the must-sees and the must-dos everywhere we go. The internet is good, but pair it with the advice of people you trust!

6/ What's the one destination you could return to year after year?
Puerto Vallarta. For the past couple years we've spent our New Year's Eve holiday in PV. There’s a large group of our friends who go every year. It’s a great way to relax after a long year and a crazy holiday season, and re-group for the coming year. It’s a quick, fairly cheap way to holiday in sun and sand.

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