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This month I chatted with Trish, TripStyler founder and Editor-In-Chief, about her beauty faves. She reluctantly {she isn't so into answering questions about herself!} shared with me her cool beauty finds and travel beauty routines. Read on for some great tips!

What's the coolest beauty product you've purchased while traveling?
Eleven years ago I was traveling solo in Paris, and I stopped into Sephora on L'Avenue des Champs-Élysées and picked up lip stain before it became an 'it' beauty product. To this day, I DO NOT travel without lip stain, and love that it provides long-lasting color even for a 14-hour flight!

You recently visited Mexico and it was ultra-hot. What was your beauty routine in such hot weather?
The 40 Celsius/104 Fahrenheit sans-wind Mexican heat was hot and heavy. I would sweat standing motionless in my clothes. Normally, in that heat I'd be sitting poolside in my bather, but since I was filming a video for Expedia's Find Yours campaign, there was no time for the beach OR pool. Skin: Travel-sized Skoah cleanser, toner and serum, and to finish, Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Daily SPF 70 Sunblock. Make-up: I had a camera two inches from my face at all times {scary!}, so I just intensified the make-up I normally wear so my features didn't get lost on film. Though, normally in hot weather, I'd use the less is more mantra. Hair: I did the same thing I do at home: wash, blow dry upside-down, and curl with my ionic curling wand. Between takes and at night I'd secure it in a loose top-knot to keep the curls from relaxing too much in the heat.

Do you change your "look" based on where you're going?
100%. I change what and how much make-up I wear based on where I'm traveling and time of day {ie - simple day look, more intensified night look}. For example, if I'm windsurfing in Bonaire, I'll wear a touch of cherry lip stain and a lot of sunscreen, whereas in Paris I'll wear MAC concealer, light Tarte eye shadow for inner corners of the eyes, L'Oreal Voluminous mascara, MAC blush, Guerlain powder and Joe Fresh lip stain. Oh, and I can't travel without my childhood lip love: Lip Smacker's strawberry-scented balm.

Tell us your top three beauty tips for travel.
1/ Less is more, nobody wants raccoon eyes on the plane or at the pool. 2/ Work off of your everyday look, and let your trip style and the climate dictate the intensity of your make-up routine. 3/ Pick one feature---ie, eyes or lips---and go with it. You don't have space in your suitcase to pack your entire bathroom anyway!

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