Aloha 2012

After a busy two-week holiday hiatus, we're back; ready to tackle and toast 2012. Cheers! Here are the details:

This Month There's only three weeks left in January, so to make up for our time off, we're packing it {pun intended} full of goodies, including: a rock star Savvy Traveler, why didn't I think of that packing techniques, dazzling Dallas, mod Honolulu, bangin' Bellevue, plus all our regular columns of trip stylin', travel lifestyle content!

This Year Destinations The locales we visit are always a combination of planned and spur-of-the-moment trip styles, so although we're not exactly sure where 2012 will take us, we're looking forward to visiting Honolulu {this weekend}, South East Asia, Arizona, Europe, LA and *hopefully* Russia.

New :: IMG_FRI Fridays just got a little more simple. In addition to our once-monthly Fashion Friday, we're going to focus in {pun intended} on uber-cool travel images from around the world---images that will enhance the stories we're already telling or pave the way for future features! Think more pics, less prose.

New Day :: Roam+Board Mid-week, life can get stale, so we're making hump day fresh! Our popular Roam+Board column, showcasing hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals in oft- and less-visited destinations, will move to Wednesdays in addition to Travel Beauty on the third Wednesday of every month.

Surprise, Surprise There's also a few top secret projects we're working on, which we can't wait to share with you shortly. Stay tuned.

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[photo by @nate_fri of @tripstyler in gladstone, australia]