Fash-Packing :: Summer Edition

Summer packing + what I packed[trip style = any]

-2 Choosing clothes for summer travel means packing for hot days and campfire nights. I recently posted the above photo to Instagram of what I packed for a trip to Mexican wine country, and to my surprise, it spurred enough discussion to fill an LV travel trunk---and I thought pool and beach pictures were the Holy Grail. At that moment it occurred to me that packing is like playing a sport or an instrument, there's ALWAYS room for improvement, which is why many trip stylers are on round-the-world quests to edit and elevate their packing.

Trip Styler Tip :: Take a photo of your packing process. Documenting your belongings is a good way to keep a tally in case of loss, as well as recall what outfits worked well, so you can do a packing reprise next time you take a similar trip style.

For my duo trip to San Diego and Mexico { _______ --> insert your sunny destination here}, I brought a few basics and augmented them with mega scarves and light---highly packable---sweaters to keep warm at night. Here's a snapshot: summer 2013 + what to pack 1/ Dress-it-up-or-down top. 2/ Blue jeans {for travel days or cool evenings}. 3/ Hat, a sun protection MUST. 4/ Long, silk top, wearable as a pool cover-up, a dress, or half-tucked with jeans or cutoffs. 5/ Jean shorts {a summer staple + tips on how to wear them}. 6/ Casual, wear-anywhere dress. 7/ Shoes, er, the kicker. Because they take up the most space, wear your biggest pair on the plane, and pack as few pairs as possible. Coordinating your shoes with your clothes eliminates the need for 10 soles in your sack. 8/ Sizable scarf to wear on the plane, in air conditioned restaurants and at night. 9/ A long, one-tone dress with a simple silhouette for accessorizing {or not}. Could be worn as day-casual, or night-sleek. 10/ Loose, crewneck sweater, wearable with almost everything. 11/ Bathing suit cover-up that doubles as a breakfast outfit. 12/ Tank tops. This is the ONE thing I suggest over-packing. They are small, take up less space than underwear, and go with almost any garment. 13/ Bathing suit. 14/ Day-to-night shorts. Wear with a casual t-shirt by day and flowy tank at night.

Trip Styler Tip :: Notice my flip-flops are wrapped in a shower cap. Do this with all your shoes to keep your clothes clean.

Gents, in case you're interested, here's my MASTER-packer husband's duds for the same trip: summer packing style + men

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[photo by @tripstyler]