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KinderHop is written by Trip Styler’s Seattle-based kid ‘n family writer, Keryn.

Jetting around the world with your offspring is an incredible, life-altering experience, but it can also be exhausting leaving you wondering why you ever got on a plane in the first place. Family holidays don’t have to be stressful; you just need to include a few basic ingredients (ok, five) in your recipe for a successful trip.

Remember: Parent time is just as important as family time when you travel (and always).

1/ Go Big If your budget allows, book a suite. While the kids go to bed, unwind in the other room clinking glasses with your sweetheart in front of a crackling fire, watching the stars come out on the lanai, or <insert your perfect moment here>.

2/ Stay Realistic Nothing will ruin your super-organized trip like a derailment in plans. Setting realistic trip expectations (or even below what you expect to accomplish) will make the bonus moments all the more delicious.

3/ Plan Downtime As much as we all want to pretend we have the stamina of our teenage selves, we don’t, and neither do our kids. If you are trying to check off as much as possible on your holiday, when will all of that rest and relaxation come in? Plan downtime at the hotel pool or park into your itinerary, so you won't need a vacation from your vacation when you return.

4/ Trade Alone Time Maybe dad wants to play a round of golf and mom craves the spa (always, obviously). Swap some alone time so you both get a break from the kids!

5/ Splurge On A Sitter After a standout day sightseeing, pre-plan a sitter so you can paint the town red (or something like that). Many resorts and hotels offer trusted babysitters, and when they don’t, ask if there is a local service in town they  recommend (I've tried both options, which is why I'd recommend them as possibilities).

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