Leaving Las Vegas {Healthier Than I Arrived}

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When Lady Luck started shaking her sequins and stomping---in stilettos no less---down the Las Vegas Strip, she wasn't thinking about burning calories or reaching 10,000 steps a day. Ye-Old-Days Lady Luck was too busy sipping scotch on the rocks and sucking back cigarettes. Flash forward to today, and modern Lady Luck still chinwags with the same crowd, yet in her time-refined wisdom, she's picked up a healthy trick or two RUNning the Strip.

Like Lady Luck, I've learned a thing or two on the road, and am pretty protective about maintaining my wellness while I wander. With health on my mind, on my recent trip to Vegas, I was surprised to leave healthier than when I arrived. While most people don't travel to Sin City to sip smoothies, eat spinach salads and workout more than they go out, I made it my mission to test wellness on the Strip without sacrificing a smashing cocktail or Michelin-starred cuisine.

Here's how to stay well while under the LV spell:

1/ Run the Strip Jogging the LV Strip is a thing. Rise and shine early enough in the AM---from 6am to 8am---and you'll see a ton of fit cats chasing last night's calories down LV Blvd. Bonus: most of the hotels blast music, so no is iPod required.

2/ Detox at the Spa I've had TREATments at most of the major sp-ahs lining the Neon City's most glitzy stretch. Recently, I re-familiarized myself with these cocoons of calm and wrote about a private Turkish Hammam and other must-soothe experiences in Las Vegas Spa Hopping for the Expedia Viewfinder Travel Blog.

3/ Yoga among the Dolphins There's yoga, and then there's yoga practiced between a circular viewing area below Vegas' only dolphin habitat. The second you arrive nature's miracle mammals perk up and come to greet you like kids waiting for their parents at the airport. Dolphins dig yoga, so there's a parallel play synergy that takes place as I sink into warrior pose while the pod floats by. Classes are offered Fri - Sun mornings and cost $50 {which also includes a post-yoga smoothie and day access to the Mirage's spa pools and heat havens}.

4/ Hotel Most travelers I talk to aren't aware that Vegas has a few non-gaming hotels. Translation: no slots in sight! My favorite of the few is the Mandarin Oriental. See my review in Trip Styler's latest Roam+Board hotel feature.

bacchanal buffet caesars
bacchanal buffet caesars

5/ Eat well In the past five years, Vegas has turned into a foodie destination worthy of the 50+ world-renowned chefs whose restaurants season the Strip. Case in point, while I was there, I sipped cognac three feet away from Guy Savoy at his namesake restaurant. One of the newest eateries you "knead" to know about is Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace. Before you write us off for even mentioning a buffet, think of it like more like a collection of nine restaurants manned by chefs who've all worked in Michelin-starred restaurants. Yes there are stations, yes there are 600 seats, but it also boasts a hearty list of awards to back up its baking and made-to-order dishes.

Trip Styler Tip: While I'm not a huge Starbucks fan, if you want to eat a healthy snack on the go, Seattle's coffee institution can be found around every corner offering a bevy of fresh-prepared and reasonably priced snacks mingling fruit, veggies, cheese and nuts.

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