Mid-Winter Break

ice slide + hotel de glace[trip style = weekend getaway]

For the first year ever, my province {British Columbia} is observing Family Day; basically, a day off mid-winter, or our version of Presidents' Day.  YAY. After playing hopscotch across the globe jumping West to East and back again {aka Vancouver ---> SF ---> London ---> SF ---> Vancouver ---> Tofino ---> Vancouver ---> Quebec ---> Vancouver} over the past few weeks, I figured Trip Styler would take a break today too. See you on Wednesday.

In the spirit of the winter break, here's a photo {above} my friend Debbie took of me going down the Hotel De Glace's slick and quick ice luge.

Insider Tip :: If you go down the winding slide on your feet versus your behind, you go much faster.

Happy day off, and to our friends in the rest of Canada and the USA, your day off is coming soon. Ole!