Packing 3.0 - List It!

[trip style = any]

I interrupt this month's Oahu and Lanai programming to share a simple packing epiphany: make a list THEN assemble your "wears". Before you close this page in search of more important internet insights, hear me out; this trick can save you hours and a heavy load.

Packing is life for me this fall, so I'm having to be more efficient than usual. Instead of my right-brained approach standing in front of my closet waiting for a flash of fashion inspiration, I've become more calculated. Inserting my little left brain into the mix has saved a ton of time.

1/ Up to three days before my trip, I consider my trip style {ie. urban, tropical, etc.}, the destination and its weather. Then I list my days away, as well as clothing potentials in major categories like "pants," "jackets" or "tops".

2/ I give myself time to craft this list to allow for inspiration and refinement. For me, inspiration comes from fashion blogs and magazines. When I see a classic or on-trend look I like, I incorporate an element of it into my trip fashion. As far as refinement, seeing my list from a bird's eye perspective allows me to spot outfit repeat opportunities, and mix 'n match possibilities.

3/ Then I pack, confident that my approach has eliminated any need for frantic, last-minute editions, which always seem to tip my suitcase scale from collected to crazy.

For example, I'm headed to Portland this weekend for the second-annual Feast food festival {see my 2012 coverage here}. Knowing I'll be learning about food, exploring the town's tastes and going to odd after-party, I'm bringing a mix of denim, plaid---it IS Portland after all---my faux-leather pants and easy-to-walk-in booties. Here's what I'm channeling:

PS. I packed for Portland in 20 minutes.

[photos via google images]